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Etan G - No Opportunity Wasted indeed!
On April 25th, 2004, Etan G was ambushed at Canter's Famous Deli on Fairfax in the heart of Los Angeles. Made to believe he was going to a business meeting with music industry colleagues Daniel F. Scherl (President, Group 8 Productions) and Raj Gupta (President, Virtu Music Group), Etan G was in for a lot more than a surprise when Phil Keoghan (creator and host of the Emmy-Award Winning "The Amazing Race") showed up with a full camera and production crew to announce that they had selected to him to try and make his dream come true!

What was that dream? (Click here to see Etan's original dream video entry!)

With only three days and three thousand dollars... to produce and shoot a professional music video for one of his songs, have it reviewed by an A-list Rap Artist or Music Industry Executive, and have his mother present during the meeting so he could prove to her once and for all that his career as a Rap Artist is legitimate.

In typical Etan G fashion, the insanity didn't stop there, because... as timing would have it... Etan's wife was going to be induced eight hours after his dream began to birth their first child!

Did he achieve his dream?

Watch the episodes below to find out!

Episode One! A long time ago at a Canter's Deli not so far away...
Episode Two! Time to bring in the troops! And where's that baby!?!
Episode Three! Getting down to the wire, boys!
Episode Four! Dream a little dream... Will it all come together?
Bonus! The "Believe" Music VIdeo
Produced by Raj Gupta, Daniel F. Scherl and Etan G.
Directed by Ricky Anys, Joshua Schuyler and Daniel F. Scherl
Edited by Daniel F. Scherl, Ricky Anys and Joshua Schuyler
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