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The many videos of Etan G

The Discovery Channel... Major Motion Pictures... Game Shows... Howard Stern... You never know where G is going to appear next. Please enjoy these videos from some of his finest appearances so far!


The World Premiere Event is here!
Etan G is chosen by N.O.W. ("No Opportunity Wasted," the new documentary reality show from The Discovery Channel and "The Amazing Race" host and creator Phil Keoghan) to make his dream come true. Three Days... Three Thousand Dollars. Can he do it!?!


Etan G and Music Producer Daniel F. Scherl on the game show "Shop 'till You Drop." Will the boys be victorious!?! Tune in and find out!


Etan G appears in the Motion Picture "1 Love."


Etan G makes an appearance on the Howard Stern show!


Etan G gets kicked off the Chabad Telethon!